“The Forum” – Another Great Podcast from BBC Four

For years, BBC Four’s “In Our Time” podcast has been my go-to source for material with which to create “Radio MIKE” in preparation for road trips, flights, and long walks. But BBC Four hosts many other interesting programs.  “The Forum” is one I’ve enjoyed as much recently.

Hosted by Bridget Kendall, “The Forum” is a series of moderated discussions by a small international panel of experts on a selected topic (perhaps suggested by listeners) about which people think they know quite a lot (or enough) but they really they don’t because there’s far more going on there than one would know unless one had really studied it.

I just listened to a fascinating review of the KGB over the decades. Now I’m in the middle of an episode discussing the Bronze Age.

Other recent episodes cover:

  • Mata Hari: Dancer, Lover, Spy. What is the truth behind the legendary WWI spy-seductress?
  • Fire: How Climate Change is Altering our Attitudes to Wildfires. Bridgett Kindall and guests explore ideas about how wildfires should be dealt with
  • The New Curators: Who Decides What’s Culturally Important? How the idea of curation has radically changed
  • Balloons and How They Changed the World. The extraordinary impact of balloons on human society
  • Reawakening Language. How can we save or reawaken dying languages?

As with all these BBC podcasts of their radio shows, one can listen from the BBC site or download through iTunes (and maybe other places that I don’t know about.)

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